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Sexuality is a Gift (PSA)

Lynn Creighton delivers a public service announcement (PSA) about the gift of sexuality.

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Insights from a Finnish Student Exchange Program

Mallory McPherson-Wehan interviews Maija Sarrinen, who is a foreign exchange student from Finland, currently living and attending high school in Ventura, CA. Maija speaks about researching International student exchange programs and deciding to come to the United States and how Finnish people view America as well as some observed social and cultural differences.

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Ocean Defenders Alliance – Ocean Wildlife Needs Your Help

The Ocean Defenders Alliance (ODA) works to clean and protect marine ecosystems, including the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, through documentation, education, and meaningful action. Working with affected communities, they focus primarily on the reduction and removal of man-made debris which poses serious threats to ocean wildlife and habitats.

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Saving Lives Camarillo

Commander Guy Stewart and Rabbi Aryeh Lang speak with Our Ventura TV host, Bob Taylor, about Saving Lives Camarillo, which seeks to prevent the abuse of drugs and alcohol among Middle and High School students in Camarillo. They also discuss the danger of prescription drug abuse.

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Port of Hueneme in Ventura County

Mary Anne Rooney speaks with Our Ventura TV host, Lyn Fairly, about the Port of Hueneme, which is the only deep water harbor between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area. It is also the U.S. Port of Entry for California’s central coast region.

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Economic and Community Development in Ventura

Joe Briglio and Lilly Rudolph speak with Our Ventura TV host, Marvin Boateng, about Ventura’s 5-year Economic Development Strategic Plan.

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What is Burning Man?

John Styn is a long-time Burning Man participant, which is a week-long, annual, summer event held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. It takes its name from the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy. The event is described as an experiment in community, art, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance.

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Schedule a Free Public Service Announcement (PSA) in January 2014

A Public Service Announcement (PSA) is a message in the public interest disseminated by the media without charge. There are two primary components:

  1. First is the production of the PSA
  2. Second is the PSA’s distribution

In this special January 2014 opportunity, both are being provided by Our Ventura TV and Ventura’s local TV and media center, Community Access Partners of San Buenaventura (CAPS), for no cost..

Our Ventura TV will be producing 60-sec PSA’s that will be frequently broadcast through the end of 2014 on Ventura cable channel 6 TV, throughout Ventura County on digital cable channels, as well as online at Additionally, the PSA’s will be distributed via social media networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Each online PSA will be the same content as broadcast on TV and each client is welcome to use the online version freely for their own website or social networks. The online version will be in high definition and the TV version will be standard definition, which means the online version will be higher quality.

Please note: This unusual opportunity will result in a significant amount of exposure for your message on local TV in 2014 (and will remain online, as well).

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Tourism and Economic Development in Ventura County West

Rebekah Evans, Executive Director of the Ventura County Lodging Association (VCLA), speaks with Our Ventura TV host, Marlyss Auster, about marketing and promoting tourism and economic development in the region of West Ventura County. (In addition to being the host, Auster is also the Executive Director of the Ventura Visitors & Convention Bureau).

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Happy Holidays from Our Ventura TV (16 sec)

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