Need a Documentary Film About Your Nonprofit?

Could Your Nonprofit Benefit from a Large Online Audience to Support Your Documentary?

We’ll Get You $10K/mo in Advertising Grants to Help Accomplish the Above

The purpose of the ad grants is to promote nonprofit messages and we work with clients in any part of the United States.

If used appropriately and to its maximum value, these grants will be renewed month after month and year after year ($120K annually). That part is free.

There is a small cost to managing the ad grants and using them productively.

We’ll get you the ongoing ad grants, use the ad grants to build a substantial online community, help with fundraising for the documentary and produce the documentary about your nonprofit message.

Our Ventura TV is an award-winning media company.  Our associated company, Nonprofit Fire, provides expert management of Google Ad Grants, primarily to build online communities.

In concise terms, our combined role is to use the ongoing ad grants to advertise your message and build an online community around your nonprofit story. The resulting community can then be a source of advocates, volunteers and especially fundraising to support your nonprofit story and the documentary.

Not a Cash Grant

Although this ongoing grant is spent like real money, to be very clear, this is not a cash grant. It’s an advertising grant from Google to use on their advertising platform.

Most 501(c)3 nonprofits qualify.

Our program is a uniquely powerful way to magnify and maximize the ongoing grants by advertising messages that correspond with 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.

Is This You?

Here’s the client profile who can benefit from this opportunity:

1) You’re a 501(c)3 Nonprofit (or soon will be).
2) You want your nonprofit message widely promoted.
3) Your nonprofit has a compelling story.
4) You would like to convert that story into a documentary film.
5) Your nonprofit can benefit from having a massive community of online supporters.
6) You’d like us to convert those supporters into fundraising for your film and cause.

If that’s you, then you may find the next part interesting. If that client profile does not represent you, then there’s no need to read further.

Here’s the High-Level Overview

Google provides $10k/mo in advertising grants to most (but not all) 501(c)3 nonprofits. (Click for the Good and Bad of Google Ad Grants).

These ongoing ad grants are provided for no cost to eligible nonprofits, although they do come with a bunch of Google stipulations. Google has given out over 35,000 of these grants to nonprofits and new ones are signing up all the time. Having said that, nonprofits are also losing their Google Ad Grants because they don’t use them correctly or effectively. Google even discontinues the grants to nonprofits who don’t use them at all (many nonprofits simply don’t know what to do with the grants).

Where We Come In

Our program is simple.

  • We get you the grants.
  • We manage the grants.
  • We use our unique advertising and storytelling to promote your nonprofit message.
  • We build a massive community for your cause.
  • We raise funds from the community to create the documentary.
  • We create the documentary for your nonprofit.
  • All of this is done in cooperation with your nonprofit.

There are very reasonable costs that are involved and are relevant to how much or how little your nonprofit can be involved in the process.  (The more your nonprofit can be involved in the process, the less the cost).

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