Tanii Carr, author of Ten Weeks To Love, defines a soulmate and talks about what it takes to find your true love and become happily married.

Tanii speaks from experience. Like many of us, she’s been in the trenches when it comes to love and relationships. She has not lived an easy life, but a rich one full of adventures and challenges, and since 1987, has lived a married life full of love and fulfillment. But it wasn’t always that way! Earlier on, the fact that she could not figure out how to have a successful, happy, and lasting relationship convinced her that she was seriously and irreparably flawed. As far as she was concerned, she was hopeless. The steps she took in creating a better life for herself grew out of her circumstances and problems. Her book is not some lofty volume on theories of love. It is at least as much about things to do as it is about things to think about: Less thinking, more action.

Website: 10weeks2love.com

Producer: GeorgeAlger.com

Director: Petrina Sharp



10 Weeks To Love, Author Tanii Carr
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