Sylvia Taylor-Stein, Executive Director of the Long Term Care Ombudsman Services of Ventura County, speaks with Our Ventura TV host, Bob Taylor.

An “Ombudsman” is an advocate, and in this case, Taylor-Stein is an advocate for seniors in long-term health care.

The Ventura County Ombudsman Program’s mission is to assure the highest quality of life and care possible for those elderly persons in long term care – most of whom are frail and vulnerable and unable to represent themselves.

What makes Ventura County’s program so outstanding (besides its many support services) is its facility visitation plan. The Federal mandate governing the Ombudsman program nationwide requires only one annual visit per facility, however, the founders foreseeing the built-in failure in such a deficient model, set a mandate for Ventura County that stipulated all skilled nursing facilities would be monitored a minimum of once a week and all assisted living facilities a minimum of once a month.

Staff and volunteers actively advocate for decent care and quality of life for frail elderly in Ventura County’s long term care facilities – 60% of whom have no family or friends to watch out for them or visit them and are too fearful, vulnerable or frail to represent themselves.


Director: Petrina Sharp

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Advocating for Seniors’ Long-Term Health Care
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