Gregg Curtis discusses the Airealistic Circus and Flying School that he cofounded with his wife, Carmen Curtis.

AiRealistic is an aerial theater company that brings stunts, rigging, sailing technologies, rock climbing and live theater together to create a dynamic form of entertainment and theatrical productions.

Created and Directed by Gregg Curtis.
Produced by Gregg Curtis and Carmen Curtis

Aerial Choreography, Carmen Curtis
Aerial choreography, Autumn Phillips
Dance Choreography Brooke Melton
Tumbling choreography, Travis Newman

Production Assistant, Wren Schaefer
Costume Design Belinda Hill, Rosele Weeden
Costume Assistance Joyce Abelson
Lighting Designer Andrew Wurts
Sound Dan Nelson
Makeup, Andy Smith
Hair, Shannon Phillips
Body Paint, Mark Highlove
Media Design, Gregg Curtis, John Benson

Narrator, David Zurich
Saturday contortion act, Emilie Livingston
Sunday double hammock, Angel Leopold
Aerial Singer, Veronica deSoyza
Strap act, Sasha Harrington
Orb act Carmen Curtis and Autumn Phillips
Body percussion, Shaneca Adams
Drumming Jeffery Brown
Cyr Wheel Sam Tribble
Fire dancing Kenny Katz
Fabric trio, Zoe Curtis, Aubrielle Nelson, Camille Osborne
Dancers, Courtney Gleaves, Lee Karis and Aubre Winters
Double spinning Hammock, Nichol Kim and Julie Cluster
Rope act, Aaron Nelson
Duo Lyra, Francesca Lombardo and May Sharpe
Aerial Duo, Autumn Phillips and Danilo Lambo
Tramp wall, Daniel Gutierrez and Travis Newman
Harness dance, Carmen Curtis

Pro Kid Troupe: Olivia Saad, Coral Hill, Desiree Sehati, Zoe Curtis, Aubrielle Nelson, Camille Osborne, Aaron Nelson, Karenna Nelson, Keilani Mussetter, Lilli Hill, Natalie Benson, Whitney Tice, Bekah Fankhauser, Bryce Kulzer, Francesca Lombardo, May Sharpe, Riley Richardson

TV and Video Producer:

Camera 1:

Camera 2:

Camera 3:


Airealistic Circus and Flying School
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