Established in 1954, The Arc of Ventura County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Arc of Ventura County currently serves 700 individuals in a variety of programs, and is committed to supporting its participants toward a life of opportunity, well-being, freedom, inclusion and contribution. Informed decisions, positive changes, as well as integration and participation in the community are fundamental principles of all programs.

The Arc of Ventura County is committed to securing for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the opportunity to choose and realize their goals of where and how they learn, live, work and play.

The Arc of Ventura County is further committed to reducing the incidences and limiting the consequences of developmental disabilities through education, research, advocacy and the support of families, friends and the community.

Through the successful pursuit of quality and justice, The Arc of Ventura County will provide leadership in the field of developmental disabilities, and develop the necessary human and financial resources to attain its goals.



Director: Petrina Sharp

Sponsor: NONPROFIT FIRE, Fundraising for Nonprofits

Sponsor: PJ MURALS, We Paint Your World Beautiful

Sponsor: SKYWORKS MARKETING, Performance Advertising

Arc of Ventura County (PSA)

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