Nate Peters and Gina Peters speak with Sandra Siepak about the Center4SpecialNeeds.

Center4SpecialNeeds is a parent-founded organization comprised of a team of people who are all touched in some way with a child with special needs.

The group is a non-profit corporation founded in 2011 in Ventura County, California to provide resources, education, and offer a variety of supports for families who have children with special needs/developmental disabilities in Southern California.

Their purpose is to build a foundation that bridges the gap for those children who have developmental disabilities and do not qualify for regional center services and do not have coverage for services through government agencies and insurance. They provide support for children, teens, and young adults to access the necessary treatments and interventions so they can reach their full potential and bring hope to their families.

Their vision is to have families benefit from their information, to help children progress, to help parents restore some balance in their lives and not feel they are in constant crisis mode.


Director: Michelle Hoover

Cameras: Christine Mary Ballestero

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