Ventura Police Chief, Ken Corney, speaks with Our Ventura TV host, Lyn Fairly, about some of the existing community engagement programs to help solve crimes. For this segment, Corney highlights programs and resources that are available via the Ventura Police Department’s website (Ventura Police).

Video Camera Community Partnership Program

The use of security camera systems by businesses and property owners to deter criminal activity, as well as to aid in criminal investigations, has become increasingly common in many communities. Law enforcement agencies from around the world have found that recorded security camera footage can be an important tool in their crime solving efforts.

As part of a program to leverage the capabilities and resources of private security cameras, the Ventura Police Department encourages Ventura businesses and residents to voluntarily register their security camera(s) that view and record public areas such as streets, sidewalks, parking lots, etc., with the department.

If a crime occurs in the vicinity of a registered camera, a representative from the VPD might contact the registered owner of the camera and ask to review the recorded footage relevant to the date and time of the incident.

Can You ID Me?

The “Can You ID Me?” program is represented by a web page that asks members of Ventura for help with identifying the individuals shown, or providing potential information about the alleged incidents.

The subjects in the photographs are persons of interest, witnesses or potential suspects involved in particular incidents.

The public can provide information about the persons in the photographs, even anonymously, if preferred.

What is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is a free website program for residents and for the City. Each neighborhood creates its own private Nextdoor website, accessible only to residents of that neighborhood. Ventura residents can use Nextdoor to get to know their neighbors, ask questions, and exchange local advice and recommendations. Neighbors who use Nextdoor share information about neighborhood watch issues, local events, school activities, plumber and babysitter recommendations, upcoming garage sales or even lost pets.

Nextdoor was designed to make neighbors feel comfortable sharing information with one another in order to help build stronger communities. Neighborhoods establish and self-manage their own Nextdoor website. Information shared on each Nextdoor site is only visible to members who live in the neighborhood and who have verified their address.

Information shared on Nextdoor is password protected and cannot be accessed by those outside the neighborhood or found on Google or other search engines. In addition, Nextdoor never shares personal information with any third parties. Neighbor posts are organized and archived for future reference.

Interactive Crime Map

The Ventura Police Department website also features an Interactive Crime Map which highlights, Calls For Service (CFS) activity.

CFS are not necessarily crimes, but are a list of “calls for service” or “dispatched police calls” reflecting each time someone called the police or when an officer initiates a call based on incidents he/she finds while on patrol. The calls may be 911 calls or calls placed to the non-emergency dispatch number. These calls may result in an officer taking a crime report. If no report is taken, the remaining calls are usually non-crime issues, i.e., false burglar alarms, cat-in-tree, police assisting public, information requests, etc. Dispatch assigns the call type after hearing the nature of the citizen’s concern. An officer may change the call type after investigating the incident.

Ventura Police Department

The Ventura Police Department is considered one of the most modern and progressive agencies in California.

VPD uses the most advanced equipment available, coupled with an ambitious training program for all employees. VPD uses a computer-aided dispatch system with mobile digital computers in each patrol car, modern Records Management and Crime Analysis systems, and all officers dictate their reports for transcription.


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Community Partnership Policing with Cameras and Computers

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