Electronic Music Producer, Bret Bradley, speaks with Our Ventura TV host, George Alger, about electronic dance music (EDM), pop music and the electronic music industry in general.

Electronic music is an umbrella term for music created using electronic devices.

Electronic music, especially in the late 1990s fractured into many genres, styles and sub-styles. Probably one of the most popular forms is house music.

Electronic music can be created and controlled from computers using live instruments and voices and/or with prerecorded digital sounds and music.

An electronic music producer composes and creates music that can be presented as a full complement of instrumental sounds.

A MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is integral to electronic music production. A MIDI is an electronic digital system for composing and reproduction, that connects electronic musical instruments and sounds with computers.

In this interview, Bradley discusses the difference between pop music production and electronic music production and also speaks about the presentation of electronic music, including as a DJ and improvising the music live to audiences.

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