Sylvia Taylor-Stein, Executive Director of the Long Term Care Ombudsman Services of Ventura County, speaks with Our Ventura TV host, Sandra Siepak.

In 1978 Congress amended the Older Americans Act to establish long-term care Ombudsman (a Swedish word that means “advocate”) to serve the frail and vulnerable elderly residents in long-term care facilities. This was a much needed action and a result of the serious problems that surfaced when the nursing home industry exploded following the creation of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965.

Because many elderly cannot represent themselves, they need assistance to improve their quality of life and care. The Ventura County Ombudsman Program advocates for the highest quality of life and care possible for all our elderly living in long term care facilities.

Taylor-Stein was introduced to the Ombudsman Program in August of 1999 and became actively involved in September of the same year.


Director: Petrina Sharp

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Ensuring High Quality, Long-Term Care For the Elderly
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