Pandemic Update

In accordance with current health and safety practices, Our Ventura TV interviews are being conducted online using free Zoom video conferencing software. Click “Contact” to get scheduled.

What is Our Ventura TV?

1) Our Ventura TV is an award-winning weekly talk show series broadcast on Ventura cable channel 6 TV and also published on this website and social media networks. To get scheduled, click “Contact.”

2) We produce TV commercials, documentaries and other videos. See more info below or click Professional TV/Videos.

Who is Eligible to Appear on the Show?

Anyone who contributes to the theme of “People doing good things in Ventura County” and the surrounding area.

Are there any Fees Associated with Being a Guest on Our Ventura TV?

There are no fees for nonprofit or noncommercial messages. Our Ventura TV is a weekly cable TV series for the community of Ventura County and is sponsored by Nonprofit Fire, Skyworks Marketing and GWC Productions.

For commercial or business messages, please scroll down for more info.

How Do I Become a Guest on the Show?

Just click CONTACT and write a message that includes your name and what topic you would like to speak about as a guest.

When will My Interview Appear on TV?

Every week a new Our Ventura TV show is broadcast on Ventura Cable Channel 6 TV and each show may include more than one interview, or segment, per airing. Additionally, a new segment is published every few days on the website, YouTube, Facebook and other social media networks. At any given time there is a line of shows awaiting broadcast and online publication. As a general guide, any newly recorded show will be broadcast and posted online in about 3-6 weeks.

How Can I Receive Program Notifications?

Here are a few options to be notified when new segments are published.

Facebook Notifications: “Like” us on Facebook
YouTube Notifications: Subscribe on YouTube
Email Notifications: Scroll to the bottom, enter your name/email and click “Submit”

When are the Our Ventura TV Broadcast Times?

Our Ventura TV shows are broadcast on Ventura cable channel 6 on Sundays at 2:00 pm, Tuesdays at 9:00 pm and Saturdays at noon, as well as some additional floating times. Every week there is a new show and each program is broadcast at least three times per week (often 5 times per week).

Can I Perform or Present my Art?

Yes. Visual artists, dancers, musicians, actors, authors and other performing and non-performing artists are featured on Our Ventura TV.  Ideally, as an artist, there would be some community service activity that you can discuss as part of the interview portion of your show. Just click CONTACT to submit a query about being a guest artist on a show.

Where are the Shows Recorded?

The Our Ventura TV series is recorded at CAPS Media Center, 65 Day Rd., Ventura, CA., 93003. However, for more information about the Our Ventura TV programs, click CONTACT on this website, since Our Ventura TV is a wholly independent TV series produced for the Ventura County community at the CAPS Media Center facility and CAPS Media staff are not our employees. (Although we have a very friendly and cooperative association).

If I’m a Guest Can I Promote My Business?

No. Ventura cable channel 6 TV is a public access channel, and as such, is for noncommercial programming. The purpose of each segment is to educate and/or entertain the viewers. However, oftentimes the host will ask the guest, near the end of the show, how viewers may contact the guest “for more information,” which is when the guest may indicate a website or phone number. If you are interested in promoting your business, see the question below on “Commercial TV Productions.”

How Would I Know if I’m Being too Promotional About My Business?

RULE OF THUMB FOR BUSINESS OWNERS OR BUSINESS REPRESENTATIVES: If your business is mentioned at all in the program, it could be construed as a commercial message. The exceptions would be at the beginning of the show, when you are introduced by the host with your professional title and at the end of the show when the host may ask how viewers can find out more, and you can indicate your website. In brief, do not mention or refer to your business. (Unless it is a nonprofit).

If you are interested in promoting your business, see the question below on “Commercial TV Productions.”

If I Become a Guest Does That Mean I Will Definitely Be on TV?

No. The vast majority of recorded shows are published on the website and broadcast on Ventura Cable Channel 6 TV. But the Executive Producer of the series reserves the right to not publish or not broadcast any individual show. Although it is rare, one of the reasons why a recorded program would not be published or broadcast is that the guest was too self-promotional and violated the spirit of noncommercial TV.

What is an “Evergreen” Show?

Your interview will be more interesting to a greater variety of viewers in the future if it’s “evergreen,” meaning that the information is pertinent all year long and at any point in the future. Realize that, in addition to your show being broadcast on cable TV, many people will be viewing your show for years and years into the future on the website, as well as on YouTube. 

As an example, if you or your organization are producing a special community event, it’s better to speak generally about “our annual event” as opposed to “our event that is coming up in 2 months.”

Also, rather than saying “We started 10 years ago,” it’s best to say “We started in 2014.” The fact of “10 years ago” will be incorrect every new year into the future. However, by naming a specific year, the information will always be correct at any point in the future.

The point is to frame your discussion so that your statements and information are accurate and relevant to a viewer who is watching your program at any date in the future.

Can I Pay For Professional TV/Video Productions?

Yes. Although Ventura Cable Channel 6 TV is only for noncommercial programs, the Producer and crew of Our Ventura TV also create TV programs, commercials and business videos for other TV channels, as well as the Internet. Details for TV commercial production, as well as having them placed on local, regional and national TV, are available at

Is there any Opportunity for Programs to be Broadcast more Broadly than just the City of Ventura?

Yes. There is no limit. First of all, programs “can” be broadcast on other TV channels (cable or network TV) throughout Ventura County, or Los Angeles, or all of Southern California, or throughout the entire State of California, or even throughout the United States or any regions within the nation. Although there is no cost to broadcast noncommercial shows on public access TV stations, such as Ventura Cable Channel 6 TV, there are costs associated with airing programs more broadly and/or on different cable or network channels. For more information, just click and write a message regarding your interest.

What Should I Wear as a Guest or Host?

The following link offers practical advice for attire. An important point is to “not” wear white, or very light colors, as they tend to “burn out” or get overexposed, relative to the dark background of the set.

Clothes to Wear for a TV Interview

What Other Advice is Available to Help Guests Present Themselves Positively?

Visit the following link for useful information about being interviewed on TV.

Video and TV Interview Tips

Can My TV Segment Be Published on My Own Website and/or Social Media?

Yes. Anyone can publish any of the shows on their own websites and social media. Although there are no physical copies of the shows available (such as on a DVD or original digital file), each online segment is embeddable, which means anyone can grab the show and put it on a website. Each segment is also shareable on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

By the way, the online versions of the shows are of higher quality than the TV versions, because Ventura channel 6 TV broadcasts in standard definition, whereas the shows are recorded in high definition and the online segments are posted in high definition.

What Other Kinds of Opportunities are Available for Volunteers?

Our Ventura TV welcomes volunteer production support, of any age, with or without experience (training and coaching will be provided). As part of the Our Ventura TV Production Training Program, behind-the-scenes volunteers gain experience as camera operators, audio technicians, lighting directors, floor managers and other TV production functions. Just click CONTACT and write a message that you want to find out more about helping on the set of Our Ventura TV.

How Do I Audition as a Host for Our Ventura TV?

Our Ventura TV is hosted by a variety of individuals and we periodically audition new talent. Just click CONTACT and write a message that includes your name, a little info about yourself and why you are interested in auditioning as a host.

What are the Qualifications to Audition as a Volunteer Host for Our Ventura TV?

No prior TV experience is necessary to audition as a host – training and coaching will be provided. However, the following criteria will help determine any individual’s opportunity for success:

♦ Need to be comfortable in front of TV cameras and under studio lights
♦ Should be a good conversationalist
♦ Must be able to conduct interesting interviews
♦ Must be reliable and punctual
♦ Need to be friendly and easy to work with
♦ Should be available to conduct TV interviews every month or so in the TV studio, usually on a Wednesday morning or afternoon
♦ The primary requirement is the ability to conduct interviews with a neutral and objective disposition.

Additionally, a host would need to be willing to contact potential guests who may be interviewed as part of the TV series.   After the first two auditions and a number of additional segments, the host should be willing to interview other guests that have requested to be on the show.

What is Community Media?

Community media, also known as public access television, represents TV channels that may be run by public grassroots groups, individuals, private nonprofits, or government organizations. Policies and regulations are subject to their own ordinances and community standards.

Public access television is a form of mass media where ordinary people can create content that is broadcast or cablecast through cable systems.

Click the following link for more information about Public Access Television.