Brad “Brick” Conners speaks with Sandra Siepak about parenting and his new book, Fighter Pilot Parent.

As a Navy Strike Fighter Pilot, Brick amassed over 4500 hours and over 1000 carrier landings during multiple combat deployments. So he understands the importance of leadership in enabling those under his command to take off and return safely. Every parent wants the same: to have our children take off into the world and its adventures, but to return home safely at the end of the day.

Conners links life-and-death experiences in leadership, adversity, and performance to practices and takeaways to guide parents, grandparents, coaches, military personnel, and anyone else who wants to raise, develop, and lead children and young people. Through tools gleaned from his own experience as a pilot, parent, and coach, Conners shows how we can redefine our own leadership skills and develop the same in children, so that they are equipped to deal with the unavoidable hazards of growing up.


Director: Michelle Hoover

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Fighter Pilot Parent
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