John Muscarella speaks with Nicole van Dam about jewelry as a creative art form that blends creativity with technology, gems and precious metals.

With respect to technology, the interview shares the role of the computer and computer software (also called CAD – computer aided design) in jewelry design, including also a brief discussion about 3D printing machines and CNC (computer numerical control) milling machines in jewelry design.

The interview also goes over the 5 most valuable types of gems; different colors and types of diamonds and sapphires; how diamond cuts have changed through the years (miner’s cut, bruning, European cut, and multi-faceted modern cut); what it means for a gemstone to be chemically enhanced; what an artificial gemstone is; and how technology is blurring the lines between artificial gemstones and natural gemstones.

In terms of precious metals, the interview briefly addresses platinum, gold and silver precious metals; how varying the alloys in gold produces different colors of gold; and how you tell the difference between white gold and platinum.


Director: Petrina Sharp

Assistant Director: Bill O’Connor

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Fundamentals of Jewelry Design
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