International speaker and trainer, Lance Miller, speaks with Our Ventura TV host, George Alger, about a global perspective on individual purpose.

Through his work, Miller is constantly traveling the world and working with individuals within their own culture.

He expresses that people around the world are 95% alike and that the 5% differences reflect the spice of life. Miller advocates for celebrating those differences.

Furthermore, he emphasizes that the struggles people have as individuals are much the same around the world and throughout history. He notes how fast technology is evolving and suggests that individual character may not be evolving at the same pace. Therefore, an important point he proposes is that, as individuals, we need to advance morally and ethically as fast as technology is advancing.

Miller references Will Durant and his work regarding the principle that the control of impulse is the first principle of civilization.

Miller discusses what he considers to be two broad problematic impulses within mankind, which he describes as a desire for a free lunch and an impulse to always be right. He presents how a control of these impulses will help us get along better as a society.

Fundamental to this talk is an individual’s character and purpose. He describes a personal transition he went through in life which resulted in a realization about the shared struggles of people around the world, which can include feelings of inadequacies, personal doubts, reservations and/or a sense of diminished self-worth.

Miller touches upon the recommendation he offers people through his work and underscores that an individual’s success as a business owner, employee or person, is encapsulated by the recognition that one is only as valuable as one can help someone else.


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A Global Perspective on Individual Purpose
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