Grey Law is a nonprofit that offers free legal advice to seniors in Ventura County.

Ed Elrod speaks with MB Hanrahan about Grey Law’s volunteer-based, community services for seniors. Some of the issues which concern Ventura County seniors include social security questions, Medi-Cal, Medicare, powers of attorney, advance healthcare directives (also known as living wills), as well as landlord/tenant questions.


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Grey Law: Free Legal Advice for Seniors in Ventura County
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One thought on “Grey Law: Free Legal Advice for Seniors in Ventura County

  • December 28, 2023 at 11:29 am

    My friend is a 66 year old widow A man came to her house and convinced her to sell her home to him .He claimed he was being approved for a loan, then it was he had to get a cosigner .This went on for over a year he would not allow her to be represented by her own agent while the buyer and his agent began showing up daily to her home bringing boxes and contracts she told them she was not going to move until she had the money to buy another home. The buyer convinced her she would recieve the money as soon as she moved out. The buyer then movedin made major unpermitted changes lowering the home value and proceeded to threaten to sue her if she did not sell him the home claiming he qualified for a loan but the home did not and forcing her to hold a note. She is now homeless and will not be able to buy a home. The buyer is now trying to force her to close escrow. The buyer lied and made promises over and over .Can you help ?


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