When Oxnard resident, Karen Pecht, was 58 years old, she was diagnosed with breast cancer after having a biopsy at the Community Memorial Health System Breast Center following a suspicious mammogram.

Today, Karen has been cancer-free since 2011 and is enjoying her life more than ever as she embarks on a second career as a singer/songwriter. Karen, whose stage name is “Karyn 805,” released her first album with 12 original songs, called “Entangled Hearts,” in December 2017. She’s been performing both original music and covers at local clubs and events.

Karen gives her time, talents, and monetary donations – including all the tips from her performances – to help other breast cancer patients and survivors in Ventura County through Community Memorial Health System (CMHS) and its Cancer Resource Center. She also makes regular donations for breast cancer patients or survivors like herself through CMH because she wants to help people in her community.

VenturaRockSpot Episode 3
Artist: Karyn805
Host: Pam Baumgardner
Producer: Michelle Hoover
Sponsor: Our Ventura TV

Karyn805 – VenturaRockSpot
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