Our Ventura TV, a weekly cable TV and online interview series, is pleased to announce that it has been honored with a 2023 Wilbur Award of Merit from the Religion Communicators Council (founded in 1929).

The Wilbur Awards, named after journalist Marvin C. Wilbur, recognize excellence in secular (non-religious) media for effectively communicating religious issues, values, and themes. These awards celebrate outstanding work completed in 2022 across various fields, including print and online journalism, book publishing, television, and film.

The specific recognition for Our Ventura TV was for its faith-based series, which is part of its ongoing programming. The Religion Communicators Council, in acknowledging Our Ventura TV with this award, places it among other notable recipients such as NPR, the Associated Press, Sony Music Entertainment, and CBS News/60 Minutes, to name a few.

“Truly honored to receive the 2023 Wilbur Award of Merit,” said Sandra Siepak, one of the hosts of Our Ventura TV recognized. “This recognition is a testament to the dedication and passion of our entire team in promoting understanding and dialogue.”

Our Ventura TV actively showcases diverse voices and experiences, fostering meaningful discussions and promoting mutual respect. The Wilbur Award of Merit recognizes the platform’s impact in facilitating dialogue surrounding faith and spirituality while encouraging viewers to explore different religious perspectives.

George Alger, the producer of Our Ventura TV, expressed gratitude to the Religion Communicators Council, stating, “We are thankful for the Council’s recognition of our efforts and commitment to promoting religious and community understanding.”

To learn more about Our Ventura TV or to inquire about becoming a guest, please visit ourventura.com.


Established in 2008, Our Ventura TV is a cable TV and online platform dedicated to sharing insightful interviews and stories that inform, inspire, and engage viewers. With an emphasis on fostering dialogue and promoting understanding, Our Ventura TV provides a space for individuals from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and perspectives on a wide range of community-focused topics.

Our Ventura TV is produced by George Alger and directed by Michelle Hoover. The hosting team includes Sandra Siepak, MB Hanrahan, Monique Nowlin, Bonnie Rose, and George Alger. Mary Christine Ballestero serves as the Floor Manager, and studio segments are filmed at CAPS Media.

TV broadcast week beginning 5/21/23

Producer: GeorgeAlger.com

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New Award for Our Ventura TV (30sec)
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