Lola Mormino speaks with George Alger about the life obstacles she has overcome in her 19 years and offers suggestions for others.

Mormino was born with a 2-1/2 pound cancerous tumor attached to her tailbone and was not expected to live. That was only the first of a number of challenges.

At age of 10, she was paralyzed for three weeks, requiring major hip surgery at the age of 11.

From ages 7-15, she had a condition called Vasovagal Syncope which caused her to pass out at any given moment. In 2018, as part of extended stays at various hospitals, her survival was once again uncertain, yet she has continued to move forward and create her life.

As a result, Mormino has learned how to push through any and all challenges and has established her own business as a fitness trainer.

TV broadcast week beginning 08/29/21


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Overcoming Challenges
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