FIRST RESPONDER TRIBUTE SERIES: Dennis Murphy from the Gold Coast Veterans Foundation speaks with Sandra Siepak to honor all the volunteers that support their nonprofit, as well as their Executive Director, Bob Harris, and particularly Rafael Stoneman and his service dog, Leo.

Stoneman is the Mobile Veteran Outreach (MVO) Director. He and his service dog, Leo, visit homeless encampments, gathering spots, tents, freeway overpasses, and anywhere else they can directly engage veterans regarding their earned benefits and a range of services to change their trajectory from negative to positive. Leo is instrumental in breaking down initial communication barriers with the homeless. The outreach, benefits, services, counseling, and all other assistance is free of charge.

This segment is part of a special Our Ventura TV First Responders tribute series honoring those who have made a difference to others during the pandemic here in the Ventura County area and features local community leaders recognizing individuals they wished to acknowledge for their outstanding service.

TV broadcast week beginning 05/02/21


Associate Producer: Mary Christine Ballestero

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Thank You First Responders: Rafael Stoneman & Leo
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