Sculptor, Lynn Creighton, announced at an event in her studio that she will build a bronze sculpture and donate it to California Lutheran University (CLU), where she used to teach ceramics until her retirement earlier this year. The bronze sculpture is anticipated to be about 7 feet in height. (Update: Based upon the location, the size will be about 6 feet.)

The planned new sculpture will be based upon an existing bronze artwork she created and named “Orchid,” which she describes as a “Flower of women’s sexuality.”

Lynn is hoping that the presence of her sculpture on the campus “will incite a conversation among the students about how they act in their sexual experiences.”

She further states that “My work is about sexuality as a sacred experience.”

Lynn considers that conveying sacred sexuality at California Lutheran University through her bronze sculpture will contribute to raising the awareness among students about the true value of their sexuality in their own lives and their view of divinity.

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Sacred Sexuality at California Lutheran University
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