Ed Elrod speaks with MB Hanrahan about the Ventura County Law Library, the Ventura County Friends of the Law Library and the Diversity Alliance.

The Ventura County Law Library makes available books, electronic information, cases, statutes, newspapers, journals, treatises, etc., to help individuals self-represent themselves. And they provide these resources for free.

They also speak about the Ventura County Friends of the Law Library, established 2014, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the programs, staffing, facilities, and resources of the Ventura County Law Library, and to educate the public about the important role of law libraries in our system of justice.

Additionally, they discuss the Diversity Alliance, which is an umbrella entity over a network of legal networks that focus on specific affinity associations of lawyers, such as for Hispanics, Asians, women, gays and lesbians, etc.

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Ventura County Law Library and Diversity Alliance
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