Ventura Cultural Affairs Commissioner, Phil Taggart, talks with Our Ventura Host, MB Hanrahan, about the Ventura Cultural Affairs Commission and the Ventura Cultural Plan. The Commission endeavors to expand the role of the arts within the cultural fabric of Ventura.

Phil discusses matters pertinent to further developing Ventura as an arts destination for tourists, who then purchase goods and services in the community, for the benefit for the artists, the visitors and the community as a whole.

One of the issues Ventura is attempting to solve is the potential gentrification scenario where artists make the community a more desirable place for people to live, but as more people move in, the rising costs of living make the area unaffordable for the artists. Ventura would like to keep the artists.

Phil touches upon the Ventura Art Walks, which the City can no longer afford to financially support, as well as the roles of the Bell Arts Factory, Working Artists Ventura, Beunaventura Art Association, The Artists Union Gallery, Red Brick Gallery, Beunaventura Arts Foundation, and more, in relation to forwarding the arts in Ventura.


Director: Petrina Sharp


Expanding Ventura Arts through the Ventura Cultural Affairs Commission

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