General Manager of the Ventura Port District, Oscar Pena, speaks with Our Ventura TV host, Ed Wehan.

The Ventura Port District, home to the Channel Islands National Park, provides a safe and navigable harbor and a seaside destination that benefits residents, visitors, fisherman, and boaters to enjoy Ventura Harbor’s exceptional facilities, events, and services.

The Ventura Port District was established on April 8, 1952, by an election and majority vote of the citizens of Ventura.

The District was organized for the purpose of acquiring, constructing and operating a commercial and recreational boat harbor within the City of Ventura.

The Ventura Port District is the owner/operator of the Ventura Harbor. The Harbor is a 274 acre multiple use recreational and commercial fishing small craft harbor.

Other than a 2.74 acre site owned by the Department of Interior, National Park Service, the District is the sole landowner within the Harbor.

The District’s current property holdings include approximately 152 acres of land and 122 acres of water area.


Director: Petrina Sharp

Floor Manager: Bill O’Connor

Sponsor: NONPROFIT FIRE, Fundraising for Nonprofits

Sponsor: PJ MURALS, We Paint Your World Beautiful

Sponsor: SKYWORKS MARKETING, Performance Advertising

Ventura Port District and the Ventura Harbor

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