The SparkTruck is an educational “build-mobile.”

Ventura, CA was the last on-the-road stop for the truck and team that traveled across the USA with cool 21st-century shop tools, spreading the fun of hands-on learning and encouraging kids to find their inner “maker.”

SparkTruck is an inspiration on wheels. It’s a step van full of 21st-century maker tools, like a laser cutter and 3D printers. It brings tools, space and resources for sparking creativity wherever it goes.

SparkTruck is driven by a group of 6 Stanford students in design, engineering and education that are passionate about building things and making an impact.

The SparkTruck event launches a joint effort to create a permanent maker space in downtown Ventura. The city envisions an open community workshop where people share resources and knowledge in design, engineering and do-it-yourself passion to build things.



The SparkTruck Visits Ventura
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