Emily Stevens was hired in June 2013 as Foothill Technology High School’s first athletics director and will oversee the launching of sports teams at Foothill during the 2014-2015 school year. In this interview, Stevens speaks with Our Ventura TV host, Mallory McPherson-Wehan, about the school’s new athletic program.

A decision was made to create an athletics program at Foothill Technology High School to provide additional opportunities for students to play sports. When Foothill was founded in 2000 as a small high school, it was not possible to offer a sports program. The growth of Foothill’s population over the past decade made it possible to field teams. Additionally, by Foothill managing its own athletics program, there will be fewer logistical issues for young athletes regarding practice schedules, transportation and communication between schools. Foothill students will finally be able to compete for their own school.

All students will be eligible to participate in the sports programs.

Foothill values academics, and students will need to maintain higher academic standards to participate in sports than required by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). The CIF governs interscholastic athletics, promoting equity, quality, character and academic development.

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Athletics at Foothill Technology High School

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