Kim Ballon and Miguel Benitez speak with Sandra Siepak as representatives of SEIU Local 2015, a union for long-term care workers, which includes home care providers and nursing home workers.

The discussion touches upon the silver tsunami and shortage of In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) personnel, who provide personal care and domestic services to individuals who are aged, blind or disabled and who live in their own homes. IHSS is provided to those who otherwise might be placed in an out-of-home care facility but who can safely remain in their own home if IHSS services are received.

The Silver Tsunami (also known as The Grey Tsunami or Gray Tsunami) is a metaphor used to describe population aging and in the context of this discussion refers to the rising amount of seniors who need care.

Through the work of members, partnerships, innovation and education, SEIU Local 2015 long term care workers seek improved job quality that delivers livable wages, retirement security, respect, and the right to a union for all.

SEIU is an abbreviation for Service Employees International Union.


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In-Home Supportive Services And The Silver Tsunami
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