The Ventura Raceway is owned and operated by Jim Naylor, who considers himself a “custodian” of the legacy that he is nurturing for Ventura County and the racing community. The Ventura Raceway is located within the Ventura County Fairgrounds, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. Jim is more popularly known as the track announcer.

In this interview, Jim discusses his love and passion for racing as well as some of the history behind the raceway. The 1/2 mile dirt oval was originally operated on the Ventura fairgrounds from 1924 through around 1927.

In July of 1977, Jim Naylor took over a small 1/10th mile speedway motorcycle track known as Ventura Speedway, which raced speedway bikes on Tuesday nights known as “The commotion by the ocean.” Since that time, Ventura Raceway has grown to 1/5th mile track which is known throughout the United States and abroad.


Director: Petrina Sharp


Jim Naylor Discusses Some History of the Ventura Raceway

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