Filmmaker, Lorenzo DeStefano, was honored as the 2012 “Arts Leader” recipient at the Mayor’s Arts Awards event at the Ventura County Museum on November 15, 2012.

Lorenzo was introduced at the event by Elena Brokaw, who had this to say:

Nominated by Patti Channer, Lorenzo DeStefano has been described as the “driving heart and soul” of the Ventura Film Society. With a mission to “Discover the World Around You”, the Film Society is now in its fourth season and has developed into an important organization for local filmmakers. Lorenzo regularly brings in Hollywood directors and actors to meet the community, mentors young filmmakers through Ventura and Oxnard City Corps and Brooks Institute, and started the “Neighborhood Cinema” project to encourage local filmmakers to produce and screen films about the diverse communities of Ventura County. Said supporter Barbara Meister, “Lorenzo has brought unique and high quality films to our community. He has filled a need that was missing for showing a wide variety of alternative films and bringing in filmmakers and guests associated with the productions.”

Video Producer:

Floor Manager: Petrina Sharp

Lighting: Greg Collier

Camera/Audio: Alan Alger


Lorenzo DeStefano Honored at the 2012 Mayor’s Arts Awards

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