How would your nonprofit benefit from a perpetual fundraising engine?

Here’s how the engine works:

Google provides eligible nonprofits an online advertising budget of $120,000 to $480,000 dollars per year, for no cost to the nonprofit.

This program is called Google Ad Grants.

These Google Ad Grants do need to be managed per Google’s guidelines, so that the budget will be continually renewed, month after month and year after year.

Nonprofit Fire not only expertly manages Google Ad Grants to build an online community around your nonprofit story, but through perpetual, customized and continually refined advertising campaigns, we also raise money for your nonprofit from that ever-expanding community.

We build and maintain this engine by creating web pages, graphics, videos, articles, newsletters, and an ongoing tremendous variety of advertisements … and of course we do the fundraising for you.

And we do the fundraising again… and again… and again… over and over… working for you as a well-tuned revenue engine.

Visit and click CONTACT to schedule an appointment and find out more….

Perpetual Fundraising Engine for Nonprofits (2min)
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