Your child’s early years hold the key for developing the academic, social, and thinking skills that determine their success in life. Over and over, researchers have concluded that going to preschool makes a radical difference in people’s lives, improving their grades in school, their relationships with other people, even job satisfaction and earning potential in adulthood.

Here are some things to consider when looking into preschools for your child:

First: What is the teacher’s background and experience?

Look for teachers with a degree in early childhood education, and a certification from one of the main preschool education programs, such as Montessori or Waldorf.

Also, look for teachers with more experience; they will be better prepared to handle your child’s particular needs.

Second: What is the school’s educational philosophy?

I already mentioned Montessori and Waldorf, you can learn more about top preschool programs and how they differ on the internet. Choose a program that shares your ideas on key childrearing issues such as discipline, and feeding while also offering a child-centered educational approach that supports each child’s unique learning style.

Third: What is the school atmosphere like?

Take the time to visit the preschools in your area. Look for a school with a welcoming atmosphere where the children are happy and comfortable — chaotic day-care atmospheres are stressful for children. Indoor spaces should be clean and orderly, while outdoor learning and play spaces should be spacious, inviting, and safe.

A good education is the foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth, and that foundation begins with preschool.


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The Importance of Preschool (PSA)
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