Master stone carver, Paul Lindhard, is interviewed by Our Ventura TV host, MB Hanrahan. Paul describes the mentality of “working for the stone” that has evolved in his work.

He talks about how he lives with the stones for years until he gets the “integrated notion” of what a particular rock has in mind for him to express.

In this interview, he also talks about one of his current projects, Dos Metates, which is the name of Paul’s proposed stone sculpture composition for the Ventura County Art Museum. Dos Metates means two grinding stones — mortars for grinding grain — used by indigenous people of the California central coast area.

Paul Lindhard is the Founder and Director of Art City; President and Co-Founder of the Buenaventura Artists’ Union and Gallery; creator of the Ojai Gateway; the Patriot Peace Portal in Moorpark Mall; Ventura’s Cemetery Park Veteran’s Memorial; and the Welcome to Ventura Gateway Monument.



Director: Petrina Sharp



The Soul of Stone Sculpture with Paul Lindhard

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