Bob Stewart is this year’s foreman of the Ventura County Grand Jury. In this interview, he speaks with Our Ventura TV host, George Alger, about the “watchdog” purpose of the Ventura County Grand Jury.

The function of the Ventura County Grand Jury is to act as a civil oversight of county and city government, special districts, governing boards, personnel commissions, school districts, and humane officers. It is their responsibility to insure that government is serving the best interests of Ventura County’s citizens.

During the month of July each year, 19 Ventura County citizens are sworn as grand jurors for twelve months service ending June 30 of the following year. Ventura County, with its numerous facilities and agencies, and problems, is big enough and complex enough that Grand Jury members serve full-time.


Director: Petrina Sharp

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What is the Ventura County Grand Jury?
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