Jackie Pearce speaks with MB Hanrahan about the Westside Community Development Corp (WCDC).

The WCDC is a federally-recognized “Community Based Development Organization” that was formed in 2003 to activate partnerships and secure resources to strengthen Ventura’s Westside. Their programs focus on four impact areas: 1) Spurring Economic Opportunity, 2) Sparking Community Revitalization, 3) Empowering Local Leaders and 4) Building a Connected Community.

Through events, workshops and special projects, the WCDC connects those who seek to improve their lives, their livelihoods or their community to resources and opportunities that help create positive change.

Producer: GeorgeAlger.com

Director: Michelle Hoover

Floor Manager: Mary Christine Ballestero

Cameras: Juan Mancera

Sponsor: NONPROFIT FIRE, Google Ad Grants Community Building

Sponsor: GWC PRODUCTIONS, Putting Eyes on Your Music

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Ventura’s Westside Community Development Corp
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