Community advocate, Ed Wehan, speaks in favor of Ventura Measure O. The Ventura City Council has placed revenue measure O on the ballot for the November 8, 2016 general municipal election. If adopted by the voters, the measure would increase the sales tax rate by one-half percent within the city limits.

The measure would make local funding available to address vital City programs and services, such as:

* Protect local beaches, rivers and coastal waters from pollution and debris

* Upgrade and repair storm drains to protect local water quality
Repair streets and sidewalks and fix potholes

* Maintain fire and police emergency response and keep all existing fire stations open

* Increase intervention programs to address homelessness
Make necessary seismic repairs and upgrades to bridges and overpasses

* Improve services for seniors, veterans and our youth

* Provide additional local resources for the City police department to keep Ventura neighborhoods safe


Director: Petrina Sharp

Asst. Director: Bill O’Connor

Sponsor: NONPROFIT FIRE, Marketing and Fundraising for Nonprofits

Sponsor: PJ MURALS, We Paint Your World Beautiful

Sponsor: SKYWORKS MARKETING, Performance Advertising

Vote “Yes” Ventura Measure O
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