Steve Bennett, District 1 Ventura County Supervisor, represents the City of Ventura, the Ojai Valley and parts of Oxnard.

In this discussion with Sandra Siepak, Bennett talks about managing the 2 billion dollar Ventura County budget for programs such as foster care, the Sheriff Department, adult protective services, public health, the county jail, etc.

Bennett also touches upon his concern that hundreds of Ventura homes may have burned unnecessarily, since the fire hydrants ran out of water, along with his lawsuit with the city of Ventura over its refusal to release records related to how personnel responded and how critical equipment and infrastructure held up during the Thomas Fire.

He also discusses solar and electric vehicle implementation in the county; campaign contribution limitations; Ventura County financial reserves; the Farmworker Resource Program; making Ventura County more bicycle-friendly; and saltwater intrusion in the county’s fresh groundwater.


Director: Michelle Hoover

Cameras: Christine Mary Ballestero

Production Assistant: Juan Mancera

Sponsor: NONPROFIT FIRE, Google Ad Grants Community Building

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Water, County Finances, Thomas Fire Lawsuit and other Ventura County Issues
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