Music students, Hollis Costa, Katie Wicks, Chloe Biondo, Mia Kish and Josh Stuart speak about the Cabrillo Middle School Music Program.

Some Facts About the CMS Music Program

• The music program at CMS has almost 300 students. With a student population of approximately 950 students, this an extremely high ratio of music students to overall population.
• The program includes 8 bands and multiple chamber groups including:
o Beginning Band
o Beginning Strings
o Intermediate Band
o Intermediate Strings
o String Orchestra
o Wind Ensemble
o Jazz Band B
o Jazz Band A
• Most students have never played an instrument before entering the program in 6th grade
• This year the program had 16 students make the Ventura County Honor Band
• This year the program had 3 students make the California All-State Honor Band
• The program’s top bands – Wind Ensemble, String Orchestra and Jazz Band A – regularly win “gold” and “excellent” ratings in festivals and competitions

Broadcast week beginning 6/28/20


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Cabrillo Middle School Music Program
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