Kurt Lieber, Executive Director and Founder of the Ocean Defenders Alliance, speaks with Our Ventura TV host, George Alger, about the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, which is located off the coast of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties in Southern California.

Lieber touches upon the recovery of the giant sea bass, which are capable of growing to lengths of over 7 feet and weighing 750 pounds and which were on the verge of extinction in the 1980’s.

He discusses the blue whales visible in the Santa Barbara channel, as well as scuba diving and other recreational opportunities. Lieber also comments upon local sharks, including the great white sharks he has observed in the area, but emphasizes that most do not pose any threat to man.

The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary was designated in 1980 because of its national significance as an area of exceptional natural beauty and resources;

The sanctuary encompasses 1,470 square miles of water around the islands of Anacapa, San Miguel, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and Santa Rosa. (Five of the eight Channel Islands of California).

The sanctuary is a special place for species, sensitive habitats, shipwrecks, and maritime archaeological artifacts.

Many valuable commercial and recreational activities, such as fishing, shipping, and tourism occur in the sanctuary.

A comprehensive ecosystem management approach is used to promote long-term conservation of sanctuary water, wildlife, habitats, and maritime archaeological resources, while allowing compatible human uses.

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The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

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