Hanna Lynn Roth speaks with George Alger about dating and relationships.

She defines some of the history behind the language of dating, depicting what it is and what’s it’s not. She emphasizes the value of discovering, or working out, similar goals.

Roth also discusses the importance of frank dialog to establish long-term compatibility.

She notes the necessity for each individual to maintain their own personal integrity while sorting out the potential of a partnership.

Roth underscores being upfront with communication while maintaining a sensitivity to a suitable timeline of mutual discovery.

In conclusion, she stresses exploring the reality of what you need from someone, and what you can give to someone, to establish a satisfactory and reciprocal relationship alignment.

Producer: GeorgeAlger.com

Director: Michelle Hoover

Floor Manager: Veronica Slavin

Cameras: Christine Mary Ballestero

Production Assistant: Robin Sanford

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Dating and Relationships
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