Johanna Spinks discusses her Face of Ventura portrait painting project of 57 subjects, along with Co-Creators, Sheldon Brown, publisher of the Ventura Breeze; and Bonnie Weigel, CEO and President of FOODshare; as well as a whole cast of sitters and participants who offer their insights into this historical community legacy.

The Face of Ventura by Johanna Spinks gala was held on Sunday, August 26th from 2pm – 5pm at the Martin V. and Martha K. Smith Pavilion, Museum of Ventura County.

Johanna and Sheldon offer their thanks to the following for making the gala the wonderful success that it was:

Bonnie Weigel and all of the wonderful FOOD Share volunteers who were there.

Ellie Vacca from FOOD Share who did most anything that we asked of her.

Pablo Plasencia and the VJC Ventura Jazz Collective for providing the wonderful music.

Alfred Lewis of Studio Nothing for all of his wonderful design (and printing services.

Manager Kurt Robbins from Stock Building Supply for giving us all the building materials that were used.

Peter Godinez, from Xerox for printing the wonderful commemorative books.

Ventura City Corps and Ken Cozzens for just helping.

Museum Pavilion Manager Shannon Rice for her planning of the event and making it happen.

Lyn Fairly, of the Lyn Fairly and Friends Radio Show on KVTA who interviews each Face.

There was Mark Hartley who allowed each sitter’s sketch and their story to be displayed in his old bank building window on Main Street twice a month adding an extra element.

There was the Ventura Executive Suites who hosted the halfway point of the project with a great show and displayed those halfway portraits for six months, also hosting some of the life sittings there.

Johanna also wants to thank the following:

Her family, Paddy, Jessie and Rosie who have heard all about me painting the portraits, probably far more than they would ever have wished.

Her mentor Mr. Everett Raymond Kinstler, painter of seven American presidents and a virtual who’s who of America for over 60 years. He has indeed reflected a lifetime of painting very famous people as evidence in a technically grand but most honest manner (but he never painted a Venturan).

And, of course each of the 57 sitters who shared so generously with me and touched me deeply. “Each one holds a special place in my heart.”

“Face of Ventura, by Johanna Spinks” Portrait Sitters:

Captain Bill Finley Howard Boroughs
Rachel Morris Jolene McBee
Tony Barrios Jerry English
Bonnie Weigel Manuel A. Valenzuela
MB Hanrahan Emily Olszowy
Olivia Simonson Lynn Mikelatos
Lorenzo DeStefano Gene Dunn
Star Soto “Jalopy Joe” Moody
Mati Waiya Donna Granata
Bill Pendergrass Josh Addison
Mark Hartley Scott Miller
Ken Corney Francisco Bracho, MD
Anita Diaz Steve Robles
Laci Kay Barbara Meister
Sandra Laby Kat Merrick
Cheryl Heitmann Debbie Crowell
Sheryl Kitchen Jim Martin
Doug Halter Rev. Luther McCurtis
Nicole Cabell Kevin Costner
Marthe “B” Ann Deal
Bjorn McMillan Mary McGrath
Glenn Gooss David Friedlander
Trudy Tuttle Arriaga Brock Donaldson
Dr. Robin Calote Annie-Gabriel and Marlene-Elias
Karyl Lynn Burns Mel Sheeler
Clyde Reynolds Joe Ryba
Barbara Quaid Mary Osborne
Susanna Hall Lammot, MD  


Video Producer:

Floor Manager: Petrina Sharp

Camera/Lighting: Greg Collier

Audio: Alan Alger


Local Portrait Series Legacy: the Face of Ventura by Johanna Spinks
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One thought on “Local Portrait Series Legacy: the Face of Ventura by Johanna Spinks

  • June 19, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    Would you like to paint the face of a Ventura beach ICON?
    His name is Packy.
    He’s been on the Ventura Pier forever. I was able to photo capture him in his element – fishing on the Pier. No one knows his age. Old. He has an interesting life story.
    Let me know if you’re interested.


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