Barbara Schneider has been helping the Ventura County Fair for over 50 years, starting as a volunteer. She has been Superintendent of the Florculture exhibits since about 1975.

Barbara started the Ventura County Fair Nursery at the Floriculture Building after she observed the fair paying $2,000 to rent 10 trees for 5 days. She determined to purchase the plants for less money and take care for them all year long.

The Floriculture Department invites everyone to visit over 2,000 plants of various sizes and types, including beautiful flowers, potted plants and gardens at the Ventura County Fair. Dahlias, Roses, Succulents, Ponds and Fountains are some of the most popular attractions. There are categories in Floriculture for professionals, beginners and amateurs. If you love gardening or are interested in learning more, visit the Floriculture Exhibits at the Ventura County Fair.


Director: Petrina Sharp


Floriculture at the Ventura County Fair
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