CEO of the Girls Scouts of California’s Central Coast, Gina Jaeger, speaks with Our Ventura TV host, Sandra Siepak, about the Girl Scouts program and some of its activities in Ventura and central coastal California.

Jaeger was a 30-year Navy veteran before taking the helm of the Girls Scouts of California’s Central Coast.

The Girl Scouts have been around for over a century and are mentoring female leaders for tomorrow. It’s the largest girl-led organization in the United States and services girls ages 5 to 17 with 2.8 million members around the country.

Jaeger notes that the Girl Scout program is not all about cooking, crafts, camping and cookies, they also get exposed to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, as well as business and community service.

She notes a number of statistics, including:

80% of female business owners are former Girls Scouts

69% of female Senators were Girl Scouts

67% of Congresswomen were Girl Scouts

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience is about developing girls into becoming purposeful leaders. Throughout their experience, girls develop a variety of skills and characteristics, such as positive values, conflict resolution abilities and resourceful problem solving skills. The long term result is a generation of girls who lead with courage, confidence and character.


Director: Petrina Sharp

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The Girl Scout Leadership Experience
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