Jaci Johnson, with Ventura County Children and Family Services, speaks with George Alger about “Homes with Heart.” They connect children and teens who are temporarily living in out-of-home care (also called foster care) with resource families.

Resource families — which include foster parents, foster-to-adopt families, and kinship caregivers — are critical partners for child welfare professionals because they provide care for children who cannot live with their parents, and they can play a supportive role in reunification.

Homes with Heart believe it’s in the best interest of a child to be reunified with their birth family whenever it is safe. Resource families are an integral part of this process. As biological families work toward a healthier positive home environment, resource families engage with children and youth in meaningful activities that will assist with their social, educational, and physical wellbeing while accepting them as full members of their families during the children and youth’s time in care.

TV broadcast week beginning 12/26/21

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Homes with Heart Ventura County
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