Loree Lynn is interviewed by OurVentura.com host, Frank James Malle. Loree is an artist, teacher, mentor, counselor, director, producer singer/songwriter and actress. She is the Founder of DreaMaker’s Center for the Aspiring Performing Artist, a non-profit corporation and is the author of Fabric & Anatomy of the Artist: The Significance of Art.

In this video, Loree discusses DreaMakers, which is dedicated to the development of artists and artistic personalities of all kinds, all backgrounds, and all levels of interest and experience. She describes Dreamakers as a center where aspiring artists can learn all the performing arts in one location, including singing, dancing, acting, improv, comedy, vocals and performance techniques.

Frank opens the interview with the question that inspired the creation of Dreamakers back in 1998: “How can you best utilize your own life experience, to create a better world?”

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Loree Lynn and Dreamakers Performing Arts Center
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