Alex Vega speaks with Sandra Siepak about the nonprofit, Ventura County Community Development Corporation (VCCDC), which was established in 2001. Their goal is to help first-time, low to moderate income-earners buy a home.

Vega discusses the opportunity for 3% down payments and down payment assistance, as well as partially forgivable loans for down payments.

He also discusses their Creating A Stable Home (CASH) program, which is a coaching curriculum to help guide people towards gaining a better chance of buying their first home.

Vega talks about the Community Reninvestment Act (CRA) program, which is regulation that requires banks to benefit qualified home owners by ensuring more of their money goes to their loan, as opposed to mortgage insurance.

For many people, the Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program is a key component for low to moderate income buyers. It makes the difference between whether they get the loan or not.


Director: Michelle Hoover

Sponsor: NONPROFIT FIRE, Google Ad Grants Community Building

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Nonprofit Ventura County Home Buying Assistance
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