Julie Sardonia, Patti Michaels and Carrington Singmaster speak with Our Ventura TV host, Lyn Fairly, about their nonprofit organization, Reins of Hope.

Reins of Hope facilitates the use of horses as a type of co-therapy for emotional growth and learning called Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP).

EAP addresses a variety of mental health and human development issues including but not limited to: behavioral issues, ADHD, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, relationship problems, communication needs and team building.

EAP is also used to strengthen and develop the following: non-verbal and verbal communication, assertiveness, creative thinking and problem-solving, leadership, trust, responsibility, confidence and relationships.

Reins of Hope considers that horses are powerful yet gentle ambassadors of the natural world and that they are apt teachers in awareness, being in the present moment, calming oneself quickly, setting appropriate boundaries and learning to trust. Additionally, since horses are large and powerful they create a natural opportunity for some clients to overcome fear and develop confidence.

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Reins of Hope and Healing Horses
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