Alondra Serna, representing the nonprofit, House Farm Workers, speaks with Bob Taylor about safe, decent and affordable housing for farm workers in Ventura County.

Ventura County’s farms and ranches employ nearly 36,000 men and women. These farm workers are critical to Ventura County’s agricultural industry.

When farm workers and their families live in safe, decent and affordable housing, their children are healthier and do better in school. Families experience less stress, and can devote more resources to food, clothing, health care and other needs.

Employees in secure housing provide a more stable and dependable work force for one of the county’s most important industries.

Neighborhoods are improved when substandard, overcrowded housing is replaced by well-designed, properly maintained homes that provide adequate parking and dedicated play areas.


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Asst. Director: Michelle Hoover

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Safe, Decent and Affordable Housing for Farm Workers
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