What are you doing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?

Share your video on local TV from your own home.

4/20/20 UPDATE:

Thanks to all who submitted community videos! We are no longer accepting new submissions but you are welcome to click “Contact” to get scheduled as a guest for an online Our Ventura TV interview in your home. (Later in the year we’ll be back in the studio conducting interviews there, as well).

Submit your short video to Our Ventura TV for broadcast on Ventura cable channel 6 TV. Submitted videos will also be available on our website and social media channels for sharing.

Once you’ve recorded your video on your phone, video camera, webcam or other device, submit it online (link below) and we’ll take care of the rest to get it broadcast on local television.

It’s Never Been Easier To Get Your Story On Channel 6, Our Ventura TV

Due to the coronavirus, and out of concern for the health of all concerned, we are temporarily suspending our studio talk show segments. Instead, we are opening up the opportunity for the community to provide their own short videos for broadcast on Ventura cable channel 6 TV, as well as on our website and social media channels.

Create and submit your own videos today! (Submission link at bottom).

People Doing Good Things In Ventura County

One thing that hasn’t changed is our theme: People doing good things in Ventura County and the surrounding area.

A sub-theme for this special community-generated video program could also be: What you are doing during the pandemic.


  • There are no costs to submit your videos for channel 6 broadcast via Our Ventura TV.
  • Submitted videos will also be posted on OurVentura.com and our social media channels.
  • Videos can be recorded on your phone, webcam, video camera or other devices.
  • The length should be less than 5 minutes: the shorter the better. However, if your message really needs to be longer, you are welcome to submit it, but shorter stories will have priority so that we can include a greater variety of videos on TV.
  • Persons appearing in each video should be identified by stating their name or text should be added clearly stating the subject’s name(s).
  • Ventura cable channel 6 is for noncommercial messages only, which means videos cannot contain business or promotional messages.
  • Videos can be instructive, or inspirational, or fun, or in some way positive. (There are plenty of other media outlets for non-positive stories).
  • If you are a musician or singer, or anyone else submitting music, you must have permission for it to be broadcast on TV. In other words, if you include music, it should be original music that you created yourself.
  • You don’t have to be a resident of Ventura County to submit videos, but the message should be relevant. For example, “How to build an ice igloo” might be challenging in a southern California climate. 🙂


  • Do keep your videos short (15sec to 5min), so that we can present a variety of different video stories on TV.
  • Do ensure your subjects are clearly visible with plenty of light.
  • Do use a tripod (if available) or use a sturdy surface to support your camera.
  • Do hold the camera as still as possible if it needs to be handheld.
  • Do position your camera phone in horizontal (landscape) mode so that it matches the format of your television.
  • Do ensure you have good audio so TV viewers can easily hear you.
  • Do identify subjects in your video by having them state their name(s) or add their name with text.
  • Do have parents sign request a release form for anyone under 18. (Visit the Contact page to request the release form).
  • Do ensure your message is noncommercial
  • Do keep it simple! Stick to one topic per video.
  • Do visit the link further below to upload your video.
  • Do sign up for email notifications if you want to know when your video (and others) is posted online.


  • Don’t submit videos with poor audio, or blurry, dark images.
  • Don’t submit shaky videos that make it difficult to watch.
  • Don’t record with your phone camera in vertical (portrait) mode. Instead, use landscape mode so that it matches your television format.
  • Don’t include music unless you have the rights to broadcast it on TV.
  • Don’t include profanity, nudity or anything that is not family-friendly.
  • Don’t promote your business or any commercial entities or sponsors, since Ventura cable channel 6 TV is for noncommercial media. (Visit SkyworksMarketing for commercial productions).
  • Don’t include commercial brand logos or trademarks (your own or others), such as on shirts, hats, or in the background.


The following topics are suggestions, although you are not limited to these ideas.

  • Making the best of a challenging situation.
  • Creating art: painting, singing, performing music, dancing, presenting your own poems and stories, and/or instructions about making art.
  • Speak about your nonprofit or community work.
  • Announce your upcoming community or nonprofit virtual event.
  • Demonstrate your cooking and baking, including favorite recipes, family traditions, new recipes, old ones, etc.
  • Highlight children’s activities and antics.
  • Share advice for elderly care.
  • Show your favorite gardening tips.
  • Demonstrate exercise recommendations.
  • Discuss healthy living.
  • Tell local and/or historical stories.
  • Share tips for working at home.
  • Share tips for learning at home.
  • Talk about positively coping with social distancing.
  • Offer recommendations about online virtual field trips.
  • Outline tips on cleaning and organizing your home.
  • Etc., etc.,


By submitting video(s) to OurVentura.com you are declaring that you have full legal ownership and authority to offer it for TV, online and other distribution.

By submitting video(s) to OurVentura.com you are granting Our Ventura TV the right to broadcast all or part of such videos on television, websites and social media channels.

You understand that other persons around the world may also share and rebroadcast videos submitted to OurVentura.com, which Our Ventura TV has no control over.

You maintain legal rights as the original creator of your videos and can independently post them online, on social media channels or do anything you wish with them.

This special community-generated video program is temporary and may end at any time without notification.

Our Ventura TV does not guarantee that all video submissions will be broadcast on TV, posted online, or on social media channels, or used at all.

Videos that are posted on OurVentura.com or its related social media channels may be later removed by Our Ventura TV if any portion of the video is discovered to be in violation of any legal points or may be removed for any reason at all without notice or explanation.


Submissions deadline passed.


If you’d like to receive email notifications when new videos are posted — including your own — enter your name and email in the “Email Notifications” entry form at the bottom of the page (or top right of this page).

Submit Your Videos for Broadcast on Our Ventura TV (80sec)
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