Will Breman’s style is as eclectic as his background. His musical upbringing began with voice lessons from his mother and teaching himself guitar. Since then, Will has tried everything from screaming in metal bands to serenading at coffee shops and touring across the nation.

Will’s live performance has evolved over the years, and he currently uses a technique called “live looping” – a process where he records and plays back multiple instrument parts in real-time, creating a “one-man band” ‘effect. As a songwriter, Will’s goal has consistently been to channel deep emotions that cannot be expressed through any other medium. He has taught himself multiple instruments to achieve this and aspires to create songs that bear his soul and tell engaging stories.

TV broadcast week 8/01/2021

VenturaRockSpot Episode 31
Artist: Will Breman
Host: Pam Baumgardner
Producer: GWCProductions
Sponsor: Our Ventura TV

Will Breman – VenturaRockSpot
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