What is Intellectual Property?

The basic concept is simple enough, since you already understand “property”: it’s stuff owned by people.

“Intellectual” property refers to ownership of stuff created by the mind.

Inventions or your favorite books, songs, zombie movies and much more, are all intellectual property.

You may be the owner of your own mobile phone as personal property, but there are many people and companies that own the inventions that make it work, which is intellectual property.

What if you create a new kind of zombie?

You’re the proud owner of intellectual property.

Now, if you want to be legally recognized as the creator and possibly even make some money from your invented idea, then you may want to learn more about patents, copyright and trademarks, which are legal protections that designate rightful ownership.

See? You don’t have to eat brains to better understand Intellectual Property.

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Zombies and Intellectual Property (1min)
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