Attorney Jeffrey Trissel speaks with George Alger and provides some context regarding the demand letter that was recently presented to the City of Ventura and Ventura County.

A demand letter is a letter stating a legal claim (usually drafted by a lawyer) which makes a demand for restitution or performance of some obligation.

This particular demand letter warns the county executive officer and city mayor that they are displaying unconstitutional hostility to the Catholic religion and subscribing to anti-Catholic sentiment by removing a statue of the “Apostle of California” Fr. Junipero Serra. The statue was removed from its longstanding location outside Ventura City Hall, and local officials are considering the removal of the Catholic Hispanic Saint’s image from the county seal and city police badges, thus sparking a Ventura Junipero Serra controversy that has reached national attention.

The letter states in part: “From an historical perspective, Fr. Serra is one of the greatest men that California has ever known, a founding father who represents California in the U.S. Capital’s National Statuary Hall Collection. From a religious perspective, Fr. Serra is beloved by the Catholic (and especially Hispanic Catholic) communities as the Apostle to California. Efforts to remove him from Ventura’s municipal imagery can only be perceived by reasonable observers as unconstitutional ‘hostility toward religion that has no place in’ our modern, pluralistic society.”

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Erasing Catholic History in Ventura
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